Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Updated update

In our post on the AV home owner meeting Monday, we incorrectly stated that Hector Medina, TSD's representative at the meeting, would not allow a co-advisor to serve along with him in sub-regimes K and L. He did agree to accept home owner advisors. Medina/TSD holds a majority of votes in both those sub-regimes.

As these positions are in an unofficial advisory capacity to Master Condo Regime administrator Bob Toubman, we're not sure how much weight they will have. But, then again, it doesn't sound as though anything of substance is expected to be decided before the meetings in February.

We'll try to post more on the meeting later today, but because we're having to use the Beck offices for Internet service we can't make any guarantees!

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Anonymous said...

I just typed a hugely long comment (all positives and encouragements) and then I scrolled down and then did all the things you have to do to enter a comment, and it took away EVERYTHING that I had already typed that took about 20 min. to type. Anyway, main gist----is Ann and her cute little family from HGTV show that I just NOW today saw for the first time still there in LB? I am a physician in Arkansas and was very interested in the area when seeing it on TV on the show and then sadly read all that has happened in the meantime.....
Just curious about the little family and how they have "turned out." God bless you and keep you safe and "positive" with all of your travels and trials you are having to deal with!
Kristy Cowherd, MD
Heber Springs, Arkansas