Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

It was hot, rainy and humid in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico, today, while here in Albuquerque it was sunny, cool and breezy. Most people would happily opt for the latter weather-wise, but George and I don't. There's something about Loreto and Loreto Bay that has captured our hearts in a way we never thought possible. We were totally smitten the first time we laid eyes on Loreto Bay, despite the heat, dust and construction chaos. The contrast of those stark mountains and desert vegetation against the calm shimmer of the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez took our breath away. Wham! It was love at first sight.

Both of us have lived and traveled all over the U.S. over the course of our lives. Neither of us on our own different paths finding a place that suited so well we thought to stop for long. But the wanderlust that has plagued us both for so many years seems to have found an end with our discovery of Loreto Bay.

And finally, after months of uncertainty, it seems that our dream of living in Loreto Bay may actually come true.

As of today, there are more than 330 construction workers assembled and ready to resume construction (as soon as the aforementioned rains stop!). Homes that were very near completion when Citigroup gave us the finger and so nonchalantly walked away from this development are being completed and turned over to jubilant home owners.

This resumption of construction and hope is due to the efforts of Beck International and Stan Barton, as well as home owners and others in Loreto Bay who never lost the faith and continue to work tirelessly to make this project a viable and livable reality.

Here on our current home front we're preparing for our move. The house is finally on the market and an estate auction this weekend will take care of all the superfluous "stuff" we've accumulated over the years. Sorting through our lifetimes of possessions has made us teary-eyed and stressed. What to keep? What to leave behind? The memories that have been evoked during this process have been powerful and poignant. It's been scary but also very liberating and exciting. Our decision almost two years ago to make our home in Loreto Bay is almost a reality. And whether our home is completed by Christmas or not, this will be the best Christmas we could imagine because we know our dream of living Loreto will soon come true.

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