Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something to get excited about - finally!

It’s been a long wait, but tonight we saw real progress being made here in Loreto Bay. Almost a dozen workers were busy tearing out the old tile in the hotel swimming pool and it was a wonderful sight to see.

When we moved here last February, seagulls had taken over the pool at the Inn and it was looking very shabby. Just a few weeks later Homex met with local officials and word leaked that they had indeed bought the hotel and golf course. We’ve all been waiting these many long months to see what Homex has planned and it’s looking pretty darn good.

The main swimming pool is being refurbished and in just one day the workers had accomplished a lot. New walls were going up and the old tile was being torn out and hauled away. As we made our way to the pool restaurant this evening, we also saw surveyors working on the hotel grounds and a large crew tearing down the pergola over the old outdoor restaurant just north of the pool.

Our waiter told us the pool restaurant and bar will be closing as soon as renovations are completed on the former outdoor dining area, which he said would take about a week. We've learned to be a little skeptical when we hear something will only take a week. So now we just add a month or two onto any guesstimate and we're usually not far off. But no matter how long it takes, this is an encouraging and welcome sign.

The pool restaurant will probably re-open once the pool renovation is complete. This information is all per our waiter, who seemed very excited about the work taking place. And so are we!

No news, though, about the former fitness center, which was housed in the building adjoining the restaurant. That space was turned into a dining room, but we never saw anyone actually eating there. Maybe the new restaurant, which will feature a new chef and offerings like Mexican specialties and lobster, will have both indoor and outdoor dining.

It’s incredibly nice to see these signs of life at the Inn and we look forward to many more exciting changes.

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ags said...

appreciate your update re the inn. any further info you can post from time to time would be most helpful for those of us who don't get down there very often.