Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A mixed blessing

Yesterday’s rain was a real blessing here in Loreto Bay and the surrounding area. The mountains and landscape have taken on a soft green glow that we haven’t seen all summer, or for that matter, since we moved here. It’s an amazing transformation that seemed to take place almost instantaneously.
It’s a blessing, too, for the scrawny livestock that have had slim pickings alongside the highway for the past few months. Now they’ll have something green and tasty to eat. Thank God! It’s such a pitiful sight to see the cattle, goats and horses foraging in the dirt and rocks alongside the highway. At least now there’s some greenery poking up through the scrabble.

The downside to the rain is the mess it makes of the road - the Paseo - in front of our home. We’re on the north end of Agua Viva, which is one of the lowest points of the Paseo. So we’re left with a totally flooded road even though we only got about an inch of rain (I’m averaging the guesstimates we’ve heard). The problem with the road is serious for all concerned. How can the new owners expect to sell homes when the main road through the project is in such bad repair? Any prospective buyer would be taken aback to see the road when it’s dry. When it’s wet, it’s a nightmare.

We’ve heard via the LB grapevine that Homex knows they’ll have to do something about the Paseo. It’s a shame the main thoroughfare through the development ever got in this shape in the first place. Shame on Citigroup, Re:Play, TSD and all those responsible for the road conditions here in Loreto Bay. Here’s hoping Homex steps up to the plate and takes care of this problem soon.

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