Sunday, March 10, 2013


Local's Guide to Loreto Forum

One of the most valuable commodities for ex-pats (or anyone, for that matter) is information, and now information on Loreto is just a click away with the new Web site that's all Loreto all the time. Local's guide to Loreto

The fledgling site is just the thing for more localized news about Loreto and the surrounding area with helpful tips from other locals on everything from DIY pig roasting to how the fish are biting. Right now the site is in it's infancy, but the more people that join, the more information we'll have on what's going on in and around Loreto.

The guide is the brainchild of two local residents and business owners, Chris, who operates Baja Woodworking, and his wife, Mari, who runs, an online bakery (and isn't that a novel idea!).

According to Chris, he and Mari decided to launch the guide to help inform the local community. "I thought that with enough work and some participation by the community we could make a local forum a success."

The couple decided to make the site interactive to allow people to share local knowledge and make recommendations on anything and everything.

"Our goal is to seek out info about Loreto and present it in a positive, interactive and timely way," Chris said in an email. "Personal recommendations are a big part of life in Mexico," he added. "We think people would appreciate a place to talk about their good (and maybe not so good) experiences while in Loreto."

We live in an information-driven world, so be sure to check out this new forum to keep up to date on the happenings in our small part of Baja. It's nice to finally see a site that's all about Loreto and the things that matter to us here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula! I just stumbled across this blog looking for tourist ideas for Loreto, and have been enjoying reading back through the archives. My family has just recently purchased a home in Loreto and I can't wait to head down for the first time soon. Maybe I will run in to you!
Great blog, keep it up! Looking forward to checking back.