Thursday, August 14, 2008

Livin' Avenida la Marina!

A 10-day business trip to northern California - beautiful Sonoma and Napa, along with less lovely Oakland - kept me too busy to blog, and then once home a lack of news on the Loreto front kept my fingers quiet for a few days. But then George happened upon a map showing what our street address will be in Loreto Bay.

Our Casa de Nuevos Suenos will be located at 220 Avenida la Marina, on the corner of Paseo Mision de Loreto and Avenida la Marina. The shared courtyard for our Cluster 38 has an even more enchanting name - Pasaje Agua Mansa - or Tame Water Passage in English, named no doubt for the nearby estuary. But we were surprised that Avenida la Marina translates to "reconciled navy," at least according to Yahoo! Babel Fish, which has become our quick Internet resource for basic Spanish to English translations. That translation had us both scratching our heads, so George went to Google and came up with a translation that means "navy avenue." Hmmm. Maybe a Spanish speaker out there can help us with this one! But that minor confusion doesn't alter the fact that learning these names just adds to the excitement we're feeling as work progresses on our casa. That progress is very evident in the photo above sent to us yesterday by Penny. (Thanks again, Penny!)The view shown is from lot 222 looking at the back of our casa 220.

Of course, we already knew addresses had been designated, but it was a nice surprise to discover the map indicating our street address on the Stark Silver Creek Web site. To see a map, click on "Agua Viva map" and once there just zoom in to get a better view.

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