Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paseo to get a lift

George and I have been so focused on preparing for our move to Loreto (in six months or so, but there’s a lot to do!) we almost forgot some good news that came our way last week.

Last year we were told the Paseo along our stretch of Agua Viva was going to be raised by as much as five feet. Initially, we weren’t sure we liked that idea because it would put the road almost level with our Encantada, which would mean more road noise for us, as well as our cluster neighbors. But the change in management brought so many other changes we weren’t too concerned.

The one thing we were counting on that was in the original plans for our phase of Agua Viva was a foot path through the golf course to the beach for easy access. However, a new map of our phase of Agua Viva did not show such a foot path. That’s a concern for everyone in our phase because without it we wouldn’t have easy access to the beach. Not good.

We couldn’t get a definitive answer on either of those concerns so George tracked down the person who might just know: Aristides (Ari) Cota, director of engineering and land development for LB.

Ari responded to George’s e-mail within 24 hours (a first in our dealings with LB!) with good news on both counts.

The road along our stretch of the Paseo IS going to be raised, but only by about three feet. The sidewalk will be raised another foot or two, but that still puts our casa above the fray, so to speak. And we all have the added benefit of a new, pothole-free road! It will be interesting to see how the road looks after those changes.

Ari also indicated that the planned foot path across the golf course to the beach is still in the works. Very good news for everyone in our phase! Ari promised to e-mail us a copy of the plans as soon as he has them in hand. And when he does, we’ll post them here on the blog.

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