Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mixed bag of news

About the only good news relating to Loreto Bay in recent days is the return of Nellie Hutchison's blog after a summer-long hiatus.

Where in the World is Nellie? has been a good source of information on a variety of topics, especially businesses and services in Loreto. We welcome Nellie's return to the blogging world and look forward to future posts.

On the downside is the news that air service to Loreto will be suffering yet another blow when Aeromexico cancels its Phoenix to Hermosilla to Loreto flight effective Sept. 12, according to an LB homeowner posting on the Loreto Bay Community Web site. When we checked with Aeromexico, flights on that route were available after Sept. 12, but not in October. This puzzling decision (the barrel price for oil has gone down in the past month and wouldn't Aeromexico have access to much less expensive Mexican fuel anyway?) means there will now be only three weekly flights between Los Angeles and Loreto, according to the Alaska Airlines Web site. This isn't just inconvenient, it's downright scary! We hope this move is only temporary.

And let's hope TCC's Bill Doyle was kidding when he posted today on Loreto Bay Community that he'll be possibly closing up shop in three and a half years. He and Laurie have been a godsend to home buyers smart enough to use their services. It's not an exaggeration to say that those services are an absolute necessity considering the lack of assistance and information coming from Loreto Bay management. This isn't terrible news in the short term, but we do feel sorry for future home buyers if TCC isn't around.

Not to be too pessimistic, it's worth noting that progress is being made on the Cluster 9 pool, which looks to be quite a nice size (and already full of water courtesy of TS Julio) judging by the photo that was posted by Bill Doyle on the Loreto Bay Community site, which can be accessed here under Links of Interest.

And on the same site, the Sustainability Guy has an interesting post about the installation of bat houses around the golf course for some 1,800 bats who can each eat 400-600 mosquitos an hour. Apparently the little buggers are having a field day in Loreto and Loreto Bay with all the new ponds that popped up after Julio passed through the area.

Just as an aside, helpful postings on the Loreto Bay Community site have picked up in the past week or so. That's nice for all of us who search - often in vain - for information on Loreto and Loreto Bay.

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