Monday, September 29, 2008

A bumpy ride

The feeling George and I have had the past couple of days as Congress stumbles and financial markets tumble (a bit of an uptick today, thank goodness) is akin to the sensation of getting on one of those awful amusement park rides that flip you, spin you and turn you upside down. The result is pretty much the same in that you're nauseated and you've lost all the money in your pockets by the time the ride is over.

In an attempt to distract ourselves from all these financial woes, we've been trying to guess where all these new resorts being reported on the Stark's site will be built.

We knew something was up with the news that Replay was resurfacing and upgrading the south entrance to Loreto Bay. And we suspected that was due in part to the new resort going in where the now-defunct Whale's Inn stands across from the tennis courts off the main entrance to LB.

We'd also heard that our former LB sales associate Laurie Sanborn was a part of that project, and today we learned she is joined by another former LB sales associate, Mark Codiroli, who gives the low down on the planned J.W. Marriott resort in an open letter on the Stark's site, which can be accessed by clicking on StarkSilverCreek at the bottom of this page.

In addition, The Villa Group, which has a proven track record in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, is planning four resorts in the Loreto area, one of which will be located at Ensenada Blanca, near the eco-resort Danzante, which has been on the market for some months now. A post on states that The Villa Group tried to buy Danzante but the deal fell through. However, anything I read on that site is taken with a hefty grain of salt. Those who post there are particularly nasty about our development in Loreto Bay. Why, we don't know. But that kind of animosity makes me suspicious...

On the plus side, it's wonderful news that two major players such as Marriott and The Villa Group are moving forward with plans for high-end resorts in our own backyard no less. That can only bode well for the Villages of Loreto Bay.

On a local note (thanks to Lynn Hamman and her Yahoo group updates) is news that the La Palapa restaurant in Loreto burned down last week but the owner plans to re-open in 16 days with or without a roof! George and I and friends enjoyed a very entertaining dinner there last April so we're really happy they'll be open during our visit in a couple of weeks.

And on a personal note, thanks to our cluster neighbors Michael and Terri McMahon for the title of this post, which I co-opted from one of their e-mails because it's so very apropos of everything that's going on!

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