Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A work in progress demands work

For the most part, it appears that Loreto Bay homeowners are responding to The Construction Coach's recent update outlining Loreto Bay's cash flow problems with support for the project and Replay. However, many are questioning why Replay hasn't spoken directly to homeowners on these problems. Two days later we are still being met with silence from that quarter.

George and I both believe in this development and naturally want it to succeed. We join those who have offered their support for the project and Replay. These are tough times not just in Loreto, but across this continent, and it's important to maintain a positive attitude.

It's also important, as I noted two days ago, to be well-informed about the obstacles, delays and problems we are all facing with our homes in Loreto Bay.

A lot of what Bill Doyle said in his update makes sense. Some of it though, not so much. Although we understand the need for making a good first impression, we just aren't sure that a dramatic slow down of construction on homes in Agua Viva is going to create a good impression for potential home buyers.

It's great that the finishing touches in Founder's Neighborhood are being given priority. There's no doubt that a newly paved road from the highway into LB will reflect well on the development. As will the lovely walkways between homes and renovation of the hotel pool and bar.

But, to us, those work trucks and all that construction equipment along the Paseo aren't junky at all. They are proof positive that Loreto Bay is a hustling, bustling growing development. Now that's making a good impression.

Loreto Bay is a work in progress. Sure it would be nice to keep the dust and noise to a minimum, but nothing says success and growth like construction activity.

We're just not sure that slowing construction to a crawl is a good way to impress visitors to Loreto Bay. Instead of preparing lots for the next phase of Agua Viva, why not finish what's already been started? A finished phase indicates success. Rebar protruding from unfinished homes does not.

As I was finishing this post, George received our latest TCC update showing very little work (only one percent) done since last month. At least we have walls up, which means we'll have something to look at when we're down for the homeowner weekend!

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