Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A new day dawns!

Good news! Loreto Bay management has finally gotten rid of those old juice cans and string they've been using to communicate and replaced them with a new newfangled system - the Internet!

All kidding aside though, this change is very good news for Loreto Bay homeowners as the new e-mail information requests being proposed by LB will go a long way toward keeping us better informed on the progress of our individual casas and the development as a whole.

According to the e-mail from Hector Morales Du Solier, customer Services senior manager, "To improve the accuracy and tracking of information, we will be using a new software program called In Site Logistics. To help us assist you, please email your Request for Information (RFI) form to Upon receipt of your email, one of the Customer Service team members will submit it to the appropriate department and the form will be used to track each item through completion. Please allow one week for a response from our team."

The only problem we can see with this new method is that it appears the form must be printed to be filled out and then scanned and e-mailed back to LB. Not a problem for those who are a little more computer savvy, but some folks might not have those capabilities. However those skills can always be learned.

Anything will be an improvement, as we never did hear from our account manager on a question we posed months ago.

More good news in that it appears Loreto dodged a bullet as Tropical Storm Lowell was downgraded to a Tropical Depression leaving some rain but little in the way of winds. According to the Loreto Community Update provided by Lynn Hamman early this morning: "Tropical Depression Lowell is now off the coast of Cabo. Loreto did receive a lot of rain yesterday late afternoon and at night... nothing as anticipated. Power and water are still on and I haven't heard of any major problems. There is a lot of standing water in town on the non-paved streets."

As I noted in a previous post, Lynn's community updates are a godsend and anyone can sign up to receive them. Just e-mail to become a member of the group.

George also discovered this morning that the cluster maps are back on the official LB homeowner site under Resources and new photos were posted under Development Progress.

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