Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A different perspective

While having lunch one day at Augie's during the last home owner event, George and I spent an entertaining hour watching - and snapping photos - as tenders ferried cruise passengers from the MS Ryndam into Loreto.

We saw lots of those cruisers wandering around town that day, most looking lost and confused. Not surprising as Loreto hasn't (yet) geared up for that kind of tourist influx.

The sight of that large ship anchored outside Loreto led us to wonder what it would be like to cruise the Sea of Cortez and see the area from a new and different perspective. How fun, we said to each other. Even though the ship only spends a day in Loreto, we could rent a car and zip out to Loreto Bay to view the progress on our Encantada. We could have a leisurely lunch poolside at the Inn and even have enough time to track down Hector or Jesus to get the latest scoop on construction. We'd be able to spend the day in La Paz checking out furniture stores, art galleries and other shopping venues. We'd even get to spend some time in Cabo being hectored by condo salesmen. Who could resist?

Not us, that's for sure. We got home and booked a 10-day Mexican cruise on the aforementioned MS Ryndam scheduled to depart San Diego December 11.

Since just about everything in Baja shuts down during the holidays, we're not sure we'll be able to actually track down anyone from LB during our shore time in Loreto, but we will be able to take lots of photos, which we'll post here upon our return.

Merry Christmas to us! And to all of you, too!

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Penny Gwilliam Davis said...

Great idea and I'm sure you will have lots of fun.
Looking forward to reading your reports.