Monday, November 3, 2008

Rumors take wing

Why is it that bad news from Loreto Bay always seems to hit on the weekend when there's no recourse but to wait until Monday to start making calls?

Last evening was a perfect case in point with the post on the official homeowner site saying that particle board and laminate cabinets are being installed in Agua Viva homes.

Upon reading the post from a full-time homeowner George immediately went through our contract to find out what exactly is specified. Of course, nothing was exactly specified other than lower cabinets are solid alder wood. Not very reassuring.

So we ended the weekend on a fretful note (George in particular who worried that maybe Replay was going to be making changes without informing homeowners) wondering if the cabinets would - as the homeowner posted - look like something that belongs in a mobile home.

First thing this morning, George called Village Homes Coordinator Jesus Perez to resolve the issue. And thankfully, Jesus did just that by noting that what the homeowner saw was a sub-structure of particle board and laminate over which the solid wood cabinets will be placed, adding that the sub-structure is being used to protect against humidity. Ultimately, Jesus said, the cabinets will look like those in Founder's.

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