Monday, June 16, 2008

Go electric!

One of the main reasons George and I made the decision to build in Loreto Bay was the company's commitment to sustainability and "green" living. Although we've had some concerns about the level of that commitment since the development changed hands, we're certainly determined to do our part. Along with organic household cleaners, recycling efforts and going organic whenever possible with our food and clothing, it'll be pedal power or electricity that keeps us moving in Loreto Bay.

Several weeks ago we took possession of our eGo electric scooters and we've been having a great time "scootering" around town ever since. We recently scootered downtown (about five miles roundtrip) to a "Green" concert featuring Keb Mo - one of our favorite blues performer. Many of those in attendance were full of questions about our scooters. Where did we get them? What kind of range do they have? Hey, can I sit on one?? In fact, everywhere we go people honk, wave and ask lots of questions. It's gratifying to know that people are so interested in going green, but not surprising considering the rising price of gasoline. Here in Albuquerque it's at a high of $3.87 a gallon. And we're luckier than most as we've yet to go over $4 a gallon.

We decided to look into electric transportation after seeing a Loreto Bay sales rep zipping around the hotel on his little scooter. Wow! It was fast, quiet and looked like a lot of fun. Once we got home, George got busy researching electric vehicles on the Internet and eventually came across eGO vehicles and their eGO cycle2 which is pictured with this post. The cycle is equipped with lots of safety features including head and tail lights, turn signals and rear view mirrors. We also opted for the alarm system which lets owners know if someone has tried to move the cycle. The alarm first declares: "You are too close to the vehicle, please move away." Then it gets more insistent by proclaiming: "I have been tampered with, I have been tampered with!!" All quite loudly. We're actually more concerned about the possibility of theft here in Albuquerque. Not so much in Loreto.

The scooters have a range of a little more than 20 miles in the "Go Far" mode, which allows the rider to go farther at a maximum speed of around 20 mph, while the "Go Fast" mode allows a higher speed - about 25 mph - by sacrificing some range. We generally use the "Go Far" mode and stay off main roads using smaller surface streets. Bottom line: We love them!

We're both very pleased with the scooters and can't wait to try them out in Loreto Bay.


Lorenzo said...

OMG. That's directed at Google.

So, details? Price? Availability? Does it need to be registered? Do you just plug it in? Do you need a motorcyle license? Will it climb 4,000 feet on a single charge? How does it do in the snow?

Paula Pennell and George Russell said...

Hi, These cycles are readily available online at or through a distributor if you're lucky enough to have one in your area. If you order online you have to put the cycle together yourself. We were lucky to have a local distributor who did that for us and added some nice little upgrades of his own at no charge. We selected the mid-range price cycle which cost $2,100each with upgrades such as the alarm. And you do just plug it in to a regular electrical outlet and it stays plugged in when not in use. In New Mexico we don't need a license and it doesn't need to be registered because it is considered to be under the equivalent of 40 ccs. Steep hills do drain the battery so they have to be taken slowly. I don't know how it does in snow but I'd be careful about trying! Hope this info helps!