Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life's a blast

Orange Blast, that is. We got word this past week that our pleas for an exterior color change from Baked Clay (a lovely color, but not our first choice or even second or third) were taken to heart by LBC and we'll now have our second choice, Orange Blast. We headed to Sherwin-Williams upon getting the news, bought a sample size of the color and promptly painted an old brick. Within an hour the paint had dried revealing a wonderful warm pale yellow with slight orange overtones. We're delighted with the change because darker colors absorb heat, not good for us since we plan on spending most of the year in our Casa Encantada.

On a not so happy note, our construction start date may have been pushed back from the end of June until the end of July. We're hoping to find out for certain within the next week. Unfortunately, we've discovered that the information flow from LBC tends to run like molasses in January, regardless of the season! We like our account manager, but the lack of acknowledgement to our e-mails or phone calls can be quite frustrating. We're hoping for better communication in the near future!

George and I are still going back on forth on our furniture options. We've read some informative posts about furniture shopping in Baja and we've also talked to Joel Sherman at Casa Mesquite on a number of occasions. Our problem is that we've got some family antiques on George's side that are quite lovely and we'd like to incorporate them into our home. We also bought a fabulous copper dining table from a small American-owned company headquartered just north of Mexico City. We'd like an eclectic feel to our home and any suggestions on furniture makers in Mexico would be greatly appreciated. Specifically, we're going to need wardrobes and accent pieces. Unfortunately, Joel indicated that he wouldn't be able to fill orders for individual items.

Next up is news on our totally cool electric scooters!

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