Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making our house a home

After months of typical procrastination, George and I finally filled the pots we purchased last spring with flowers, plants and palms to adorn our roof terrace. It’s transformed our bare terrace into a more inviting space where we can relax and entertain in the cooler months ahead.

We searched high and low for the perfect plants and finally settled on several that were not what we’d initially discussed, but they ended up being perfect. That’s Mexico for you. It’s all about improvising and making due and enjoying the end result.

Jose with Vivero Santa Anita helped us make our choices, which consist of a bird of paradise, a large and small palm, bougainvillea, gardenias, desert roses (my favorites) and small flowering plants. He also supplied the skill and labor in installing the irrigation system we brought down from the States this summer.

The work was done quickly and efficiently – busting yet another myth about Mexico and we’re happy, even thrilled with the end result. The world beyond our walls may be dusty, barren and dotted with abandoned homes, but we’ve taken another step in creating a more lush and colorful world within the confines of our home.

Our new plants, along with the two little hummingbirds that flit and flutter through our space every day, are helping make our lovely house here in Agua Viva a real home. The final touch to our rooftop oasis are the rope lights that George and our wonderful friend Terry put up today around the pergola posts.

They add an incredible ambiance to our space

that invites good conversation with all the great friends we’ve made here in our little piece of paradise.

Viva Mexico!

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