Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paving the way

Excitement is in the air in Loreto Bay, along with diesel fumes and lots of noise after work suddenly (and apparently without notice) began recently on much-needed road improvements in our development.

The work is said to be a joint effort between Homex and Fonatur to grade and pave the south entrance to Loreto Bay and the Paseo (the main road through the development) from the hotel to the Posadas, across from the golf club.

The question mark hanging over this good news is whether the work will continue north on the Paseo from the Founder’s Neighborhood to our beleaguered piece of paradise here in Agua Viva. There’s been no word yet, but odds are we’ll find out when it actually happens and not before.

Work hit a snag, though, when a water line broke, according to one Founder’s home owner, who said some fiber optic lines were also damaged as a result of the road work. As soon as those utilities are repaired, workers will begin paving. For now, crews are busy building curbs on the south entrance road and continuing to grade the Paseo. As I was taking photos this morning a home owner walking by asked, "Is your water out too?" We are often without water in Agua Viva, so we hear that question too often, but not today! The water outage was only in Founder's.

The road work is great news, but like a lot here in Mexico there are always more questions than answers.

Will Agua Viva see new asphalt?
Will embankments along the south entrance be stabilized?
Will the Paseo get new curbs, too?

Whatever the answers we’re happy that something so vital and positive is finally happening.

And if the work does stop in Founder’s, leaving those of us here in Agua Viva spinning our wheels in the dust, the one question I won’t ask is “why.” We’ve learned that’s the most frustrating question anyone can ask here in Mexico…

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