Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pavimentación de la parte tres

Communication is often spotty and slow to make the rounds here in Loreto Bay (not so with rumors, though, they fly like lightning), so we thought we’d pass on the most current, sort of official news on what Homex plans for the Paseo.

Following is an email from Jorge with Associa -as written - outlining plans for the Paseo (with a focus on Agua Viva as this is the report he sent to the AV reps):

“I visited the area yesterday and there are not works done in our Sub regimes or master area, they are working only in Paseo now ( as you know is a Fonatur area ), I had a conversation this morning with the engineer in charge from Homex, his name is Ignacio Arias, he confirmed they will only be doing paving on Paseo and they will also start doing retaining walls on Sub Regimes K and L facing Paseo (Which I think is great ), they will raise the level of Paseo by around AV 281 to allow the rain to run part towards the canal and part towards SR I, they will run a pipe ( that will be the only job done in one of our Sub regimes ) towards the area to launch kayaks (between AV 34 and AV 101 ) to drain rain water there. He had talk to Miguel (note: Beck engineer in charge of the infrastructure installation) and he told me he got great information from him, I got a set of plans from Miguel before he left for some days to mainland showing on that area water, propane, fiber optic and electricity infrastructure running through that area, they should not have problems, I asked him if he has any doubts he should wait for Miguel as he will come back tomorrow.

“He also told me they will not scrape any more streets (he is proposing a small area in front of the Haciendas buildings, but he is waiting for approval) and that all of the Paseo (both sides) will get a coat of asphalt, there are only two areas that they will not touch, that is from FN 363 to 402 and the “dry arroyo” area ( in front of hotel in E2 area ), but the rest he said it will look like new both sides from tennis center to Hotel.”

Like most of what we get in the way of news, some of this needs to be clarified. And some of it – especially that last paragraph – will not come as welcome news to some Founder’s home owners.

It’s good news that retaining walls will be built along the embankments in subs K and L here in Agua Viva, but bad news for us that our part of that crumbling and rapidly eroding embankment will not be a part of that project as we’re not right on the Paseo.

We were pleasantly surprised, though, to learn that Homex does plan to address the drainage problems on the Paseo and the kayak launch area in the southern part of Sub-Regime I.

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