Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paving update!

This morning heavy trucks moved into Agua Viva (by the bat cave) and began tearing up the paving on the Paseo going north. Right in front of our casa, as a matter of fact. At first we thought trenches were being dug for utility lines, but as the morning progressed we saw that the entire lane on the beach side of the Paseo was being dug up.

During a scheduled meeting with Jorge of Associa this morning, George learned that the work was being done to prepare the road for paving. Talk about a shock!

Yesterday I mentioned in my first paving post that we'd probably find out about paving in AV when it actually started happening and all I can say is I sure hit the nail on the head on that one!

The original plan for the Paseo called for the road from the north end of our phase to right in front of our AV220 to be raised by four or five feet. It's obvious that plan has been scrapped, but who cares! We're going to have fresh new asphalt in the very near future! And maybe they're planning on doing something about the drainage problems on that part of the Paseo before the paving gets under way. Only time will tell.

Regardless, this is great news for those of us who own homes in Agua Viva and particularly good news for those very few of us who live here full-time or months at a time. As all of us who own here know, the dust situation just keeps going from bad to worse, but at least now we'll be able to drive into AV without kicking up a dust storm.

Jorge also confirmed this morning that Homex did, indeed, buy the Posadas. Loreto Bay has suddenly turned into a very happening place!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I own AV 165 right across from you and it is very exciting to see work on the paseo in AV progressing. I am coming down with friends from 12/3 until 12/10. Cannot wait!

Any new updates on the paseo in AV since your last posting?

Paula Pennell and George Russell said...

We didn't see anything new in Founder's on our walk this morning, but crews were still out grading and prepping the Paseo and putting the curb forms in place. Not much going on with our stretch of the Paseo but everyone knocks off early on Saturday so we'll have to wait until Monday.