Thursday, July 17, 2008

Loreto a hookup hideaway?

Just in time to ease tensions caused by the cancellation of the October homeowner’s event comes a news item posted on the official homeowner site naming Loreto as having some of the sexiest beaches in the world. That’s right, Loreto is now the perfect spot for hot young singles to mix and mingle. Get it while you can!

The vision many of us have of Loreto as a charming, sleepy little fishing town is being revised. It’s now, according to, tops on the list for sexy twenty-somethings looking to hook-up and hideaway. “It’s still the kind of place where you might meet a mysterious brunette at a beachside watering hole who’s happy to share her tequila – but not her last name,” states writer Jason H. Harper.

Although Mr. Harper is a little vague about the hookup potential offered by Loreto, he does claim there’s always trouble to be found if you know where to look. Hmmm. Maybe George and I are just too old because trouble is something we try really hard to avoid.

He is right about one thing though. Loreto does have beautiful and pristine beaches and water. And to give him credit, he does applaud the grandeur of the landscape “of this as yet unadulterated area of Baja…” Which is obviously looking to adulterate.

George and I had a good laugh over the news item, but it does give one pause… Is that the future for Loreto? Will the beaches be cluttered with sexy singles looking for hookups? Will we be tripping over hot young bodies on our way to snorkel, kayak and golf? Is a Senor Frog’s cantina in the works??

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