Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Walls!

Just yesterday, I responded to one of our cluster neighbor's e-mails by saying I hoped all those perform walls that had been stacked on their lot had finally made it to our lot. And lo and behold, George and I got proof that that's the case late this afternoon.

We have walls!

In just six short weeks, we've gone from a dusty patch of ground with only a faded outline to indicate our future home to a poured foundation with walls. More proof that Beck and compadres are moving at a very good clip.

For those of you who still haven't decided whether to use the services of The Construction Coach (who provided the photos of our walls, along with a detailed progress report for our AV 220), we highly recommend it. In addition to a detailed monthly progress report, they also put out a general - but very comprehensive - update on progress throughout the development every month or two, along with tips on everything ranging from preventing sewer "stink" to protecting your furniture. Their services are well worth the money and they are very nice people to boot.

After re-reading their May update, I noticed they recommended signing up to receive e-mail updates from Lynn Hamman. I found out about this yahoo group on my own some time back and promptly signed up. It's a great way to keep updated about all things Loreto from the monthly ladies birthday luncheon to a list of must-have phone numbers. It really is a terrific service and there's no cost to sign up. I generally get about five or six e-mails a week with items of interest. The e-mail address is

I also recommend signing up for the Dali Gourmet yahoo group which offers a listing of weekly specials from the store (most items are bulk, which works if there are those of us who'd like to share the cost and divvy up the goodies) and even recipes! The e-mail is

A final note to our future neighbors: Take heart fellow Cluster 38'ers - if our walls are up, yours are soon to follow!

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Penny Gwilliam Davis said...

Just found our today that we have etchings in the ground!