Monday, July 21, 2008

A welcome change of heart

After a weekend of disappointed and angry posts regarding the cancellation of the October homeowners event, Loreto Bay has finally responded, and in a positive way! Good news for the many homeowners who booked flights for that weekend.

George and I are very glad that LB has decided to go ahead with the event, which is bound to be a success even in an abbreviated form, if the many posts are any indication. This is a good first step from LB and we look forward to hearing specific details about their plans for the weekend in the coming days.

We've read quite a bit about what other homeowners would like from the weekend, but here are our thoughts... First, and definitely foremost, we'd like to hear from Michael Coyle. Our schedules - and location here in New Mexico - kept us from attending the homeowner forums set up by LB this past winter and spring on the West Coast and in Canada. So we're anxious to hear firsthand from the "Big Dog" about progress in Loreto Bay and plans for the future of the development.

Our biggest concern and complaint about LB to date has been the lack of communication. LB doesn't keep homeowners updated about new developments or changes in plan and we rarely get a call back or even an acknowledgement of an e-mail. We're generally not big complainers, but the white noise coming from LB can be more than a little frustrating.

Hearing from Michael or a competent surrogate would go a long way toward alleviating some of our concerns. In my mind, it's all about generating goodwill. Michael's appearance that weekend would generate a whole lot of goodwill for the two of us and for many others, we suspect.

Secondly, we'd like full access to the development. And by that I mean tours, visits to homes near completion and under construction, etc. Agua Viva differs from the Founder's Neighborhood in many ways and we'd like to see those differences firsthand. Most of us have already seen - and envied - Founder's, but now it's time to see our own homes!

Last, by not least, we'd really like to meet our LB neighbors. Whether Founder's or Agua Viva, we're all a part of a special vision and community and for that reason alone, we should all definitely meet.

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Penny Gwilliam Davis said...

It took a while but they finally understood what the homeowners were telling them.

We're looking forward to a great weekend meeting fellow home owners, with the added bonus of a few extra days either side to explore.

You should have walls by then. I'm hoping for at least a foundation.