Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slab happy

George and I were thrilled to see the slab for our Encantada has been poured and it looks as if the perform walls may go up soon! I'm sure all of our future neighbors are as excited as we are. (We're still not sure if our account manager is aware construction has started as we haven't yet received that return call promised more than three weeks ago.)

But our excitement has been tempered somewhat by the news that now Continental Airlines has suspended its Loreto route (Houston to Loreto) until May 2009. This follows Delta's suspension of service and some cutbacks by Alaska Air, specifically smaller planes servicing the route.

There are a number of posts on Loreto Bay's official homeowner's site expressing a good deal of concern about the situation. A group of homeowners from Ohio are more than a little concerned, as well as homeowners from Austin, Texas, as this cutback means a lot more air time getting to their homes.

However, one recent bright spot is a post by Sue Morganroth (AV39), a Seattle travel agent, who offers hope with the observation that Loreto should remain a viable destination because of Loreto Bay and the Villa Group development planned to the south. But she also suggests that folks should book early on Alaska/Horizon Air's 70-seat flights, especially for upcoming holiday travel.

As Sue notes, though, it is time for Loreto Bay management to speak to this issue. It is definitely generating a lot of unease among homeowners.

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