Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Curses - foiled again!

Last October after George and I got over the initial shock, excitement and stress of buying a home in Loreto Bay, our first thought was "When's the next homeowner event?" We bugged our customer care rep throughout the winter months with that refrain. But we kept getting the same "I don't know" answer. So we decided to go ahead and plan a trip for April after being told - countless times - that a homeowners' event just wasn't in the works any time soon. So imagine our chagrin when we learned of the June event shortly after our trip in April. We were disappointed. But that disappointment is nothing compared to our anger at the news this evening that the October event - for which we've already made reservations and plans - has been canceled due to limited flights to Loreto.


No one from Loreto bothered to ask us - or to our knowledge any other homeowners - if we'd/they'd secured reservations for the event. We did. We also rearranged our work schedules and inconvenienced employers and co-workers in order to attend this much anticipated event. And now we're told we get to repeat that performance once the new homeowner event details are released. The problem is that we will now suffer airline penalties for changing our plans. And I'm sure there are many others in the same boat.

Shame on you, Loreto Bay! Do right by your homeowners and schedule a second event for those who are unable to attend the June event. Because the fact of the matter is that the airlines aren't planning on reinstating those lost flights until next summer!

If there are any other homeowners out there with an opinion, please let us know.

P.S. We also sent an e-mail to Renee at Loreto Bay expressing the above sentiments.


Penny Gwilliam Davis said...

No way! We have everything booked!

I think they should see how many have booked. There weren't that many for the Fun in the Sun event!

Well we shall just have to have our own event.

Paula Pennell and George Russell said...

We did the same thing you did by booking for more than a week during the event. And the four of us can't be the only ones. George and I have been brainstorming and we think the least LB can do at this point is sponsor a couple of events. Perhaps a wine and cheese gathering at a volunteer's casa (with LB footing the bill!) and maybe a lunch or dinner get-together for the homeowners there. We also feel like they should give us all bigger discounts on our rooms! We signed up for this event because we really want to meet our fellow homeowners. Something we weren't able to do during our visit in April. Any other ideas we can pass on to other homeowners?

Penny Gwilliam Davis said...

I have no brilliant ideas but have been checking in regularly to the home owners website. Lot's of ideas going on there!! It also sounds like lots of people were determined to come down and found a way, despite the flight issues.