Monday, October 20, 2008

Food, glorious food...

During our last visit in April, we expanded our horizons by renting a car during our stay at the Inn. Being mobile allowed us to explore Loreto and all it has too offer, so when we planned this visit we knew a car was a must.

We've been able to branch out culinary-wise by visiting many area eateries and following is our take on some of those we've visited so far:

Mexico Lindo y que Rico is a small restaurant off Benito Juarez and well worth a visit. We had dinner there one evening with some fellow homeowners and we were all pleasantly surprised. The food was inexpensive but well prepared and the fish in foil I ordered was heavenly. The other diners seemed quite happy with their selections, too. In addition to the good food, we were treated to an evening of entertainment courtesy of a waiter (who could have been the proprietor, we just don't know). He was a wonderful guitar player (as a former professional guitarist and performer even George was impressed) and singer and we had a great time. And the margaritas were muy bueno!

We also tried Cafe Ole (located just down from the Hotel Flores) for the first time and loved the Huevos y Jamon - and the speedy service. During each of our two breakfast visits we saw a table of what appeared to be older ex-pats, but we didn't try to find out as they looked occupied with their food and conversation.

Another great place for breakfast or lunch is Augie's on the Malecon. Great American-style breakfast and even better fish tacos for lunch. The food has always been good during our visits but it's the view that's spectacular. The day after we arrived here we sat in Augie's with fish tacos, two cold cervezas and a view of the Holland Amercia cruise ship that disgorged passengers into Loreto all day. Sadly, it didn't seem any of the tourists were making their way down to Augie's end of the Malecon. Definitely their loss.

Yesterday we made our first trip to Puerto Escondido with some fellow homeowners. It was a short ride but memorable for the incredible scenery - the Sea of Cortez on one side and the mountains close by on the other (so close, in fact, we witnessed a small rock slide as we were taking photos after stopping at a pull-out). It was just spectacular as was the view of the harbor itself. Some lovely boats were docked close-in but the really great marina building was mostly deserted. The facility has a small convenience-type store, laundromat, great restrooms (always a plus), Porto Bello restaurant and even a small lap pool and hot tub on the top floor. Very impressive. Porto Bello was a lovely little place, very modern and trendy looking but not what we were looking for that day. We stayed and had some cold cervezas but then decided to head out elsewhere.

We made our way back toward Loreto Bay and stopped at tiny Vista al Mar, which was much more in keeping with our collective mood. The informal restaurant - not entirely enclosed - is located just shy of the shore line and serves up some terrific seafood. The restaurant was packed with locals and a large table of sportsmen from north of the border. Children played on the toys that were scattered between the restaurant and the water, while their families watched on. George and I had clam and scallops ranchero, while our companions had fish filet, fish tacos and clams on the half shell. All served with cold cervezas, of course, and all delicious. We've also heard that getting from the Inn to the restaurant by kayak is doable.

There are several more restaurants to talk about and we'll do so in a later post as it's almost dinner time again!

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