Sunday, October 19, 2008

Replay rep a no-show at homeowner event

We were disappointed - but not surprised - when the homeowner event concluded last night without someone from Replay/LBC making an appearance. We had hoped - and were told by Replay's Bill Green - that someone would be on hand to update homeowners on the development's progress/plans.

There's been so much conflicting information floating around during this event that such an appearance would have been helpful.

Here's what we don't know:

* Will Agua Viva homes be permachinked?
* Who is supplying doors and window frames for the homes in Agua Viva? Is it a local company - West Coast Mill Works - or are the individual contractors buying them independently?
* Are home warranties being honored if the homeowner doesn't sign up with property management?
* What will be the cost (if any) of membership in the Cortez Explorer's Club? Replay says we'll all know the answer by the end of this month. Here's hoping.

All in all, it was helpful to meet with other homeowners even though those encounters often evolved into a form of group therapy. The bottom line is that no one seems to know what's going on. We do know, though, that those who have taken possession of their homes are - for the most part- ecstatic. As I'm sure we will be too.

We should all continue to share as much information as possible. In an effort to further that end I've added a link in 'my blog list' for Alan Axelrod's blog. Alan is responsible, along with his son and a friend, for the very helpful and informative book "Best Guide Loreto." His blog is terrific!

For those of you out there who have been dreading the day that motorized craft such as jet skis hits the scene here, we've got bad news... That day has arrived. The appearance of the dreaded jet ski was mentioned by several homeowners during last night's farewell dinner (which was quite nice!) but not in a happy way.


David Veniot said...

Regarding the jet skis, you should know that marine park regulations prohibit jet skis within 250 meters (800 feet) of the beach, the estuary or any swimmer. A jet ski tourism operator must have a permit from the National Commission of Protected Areas and individual users must pay $2 per person per day to to the marine park authority to operate inside the marine park. The downside is that the marine park authority does not have enough staff to properly enforce the rules, but if the jet ski users were reported they might do something. Perhaps Peter Clark in Sustainability or Bob Toubman at the hotel could look into it.

Hope this helps.

David Veniot
Former VP for Sustainability at Loreto Bay

Paula Pennell and George Russell said...

Thanks very much for the info. The jet ski came all the way to the shore line at the Inn but did so very, very slowly, presumably to avoid creating a wake. But obviously, all the regulations you mentioned were disregarded by the user. We will pass this on as you suggested. Thanks again!