Saturday, October 11, 2008

Norbert damage extensive

Although Hurricane Norbert hit the western side of Baja as a category 2 storm, the impact on Loreto was minimal, according to Lynn Hamman of Loreto.

"It rained a lot (but not that much according to recent storms I've been through) and we didn't lose power. City water went out for a while for some areas but overall it was not that big of a storm. Some areas (maybe south of Loreto) may have experienced more extreme weather," said Lynn in her update.

In a later update, Lynn said radio reports indicate that 95 percent of the homes in Magdalena Bay and outskirts are completely destroyed. San Carlos, Constitution and Insurgentes are still out of power.

Also, in Loreto the search continues for one person from Colonia Miramar who is presumed lost in the waters of Miramar Arroyo.

"A man trying to cross the Miramar creek has been reported as missing after the current swept him away," the authorities in Loreto, one of the municipalities Norbert tore through, said. This according to a Yahoo News story.

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Larry said...

Paula and George,
Thanks for the update about Loreto. My wife and I had to fly to and From Cabo on this trip to Loreto. We drove down on Thursday fearing that the roads might get washed out between Loreto and Cabo. It was windy in Cabo, but no rain that far south and we got out on time today.
We look forward to hearing more about how Loreto has fared in the next few days.

Larry and Debbie Latson