Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Norbert landfall expected in San Carlos

It's not looking good for Loreto as Hurricane Norbert bears down on the Baja coast. The National Hurricane Center is projecting landfall on the Baja coast within the next 72 hours. (For details click on the weather gizmo located on the right-hand side of this page.)

An e-mail update from Lynn Hamman in Loreto states, "Hurricane Norbert is now a Category 3 ... soon to be a 4 but making landfall as a 2. Unfortunately, it looks like its going to make landfall just south of San Carlos (unless it changes) and then visiting us in Loreto."

A posting on the official homeowner site says the National Hurricane Center considers this a major hurricane and warns it could reach category 4 status.

"It is expected to approach Loreto from the west which usually means we will receive some protection from the winds from the mountains. Heavy rain is anticipated," says LBC's Caitlin in the notice.

"We are monitoring this storm closely and will begin preparations Wednesday. Please do not call or email personnel on the ground in Loreto as they will likely be unable to respond through the duration of the storm," she adds.

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