Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A storm is brewing...

For the past few days, George and I have been fooling around with the blog trying to update the look (and to make up for the fact we haven't had anything to write about!). One of the new features we added was the weather gizmo, which turns out to be a good addition as another hurricane is heading for Baja just in time for the homeowner weekend!

The National Weather Service shows Hurricane Norbert following a projected path across Baja between Cabo and La Paz. But, of course, those projections can change quickly. Storm Track

As for news on the homeowner weekend set for next week, George talked to Rebecca with Hospitality yesterday and found out that some 50 homeowners have signed up for the weekend's events so far. With that many homeowners in attendance the weekend is bound to be a success regardless of the weather.

Another bit of good news is that remodeling of the hotel pool won't begin until after the event. Good news for Herzon and Chacho in that they won't have to contend with a back beat of jackhammers during their poolside performances.

The only sour note in all this is the outrageously high cost set by LBC for the handful of events. George and I made our plans more than two months ago and we were able to get a great flight/hotel deal for our nine-day stay through Alaska Airlines. Not so great a deal from LBC, though, when paying for the get-togethers in "ala carte" form.

Considering how badly LBC handled the first on, then off, then on-again ultimately downsized event, we didn't expect to be gouged on the cost.

We just keep reminding ourselves that it's worth it if only because we'll be able to meet so many of our fellow homeowners.